Sweeping Generalities

I'm a philosopher of science by education, with a degree from Stockholm University. I worked in IT in a previous life. These backgrounds have come together in my current position as Research Data Coordinator (or Data Steward) at Södertörn University. In this role I mostly coordinate the development of new processes for research data management and Open Access to research data, within the framework of the university's transition to (a more) Open Science.

Picture of Henning

My philosophical research has been focused on the philosophy of causation, the semantics of causal claims, and causal inference in science. I'm also interested in the interface between science and society, science communication, and the notion of science literacy. (Here the connection to my current responsibilities is quite tangible.) Yet another interest is the proto-empiricism of Francis Bacon and its role in the scientific revolution.

Here's my PhD thesis: Taking Control: The role of manipulation in theories of causation.

Email: henning.strandin@gmail.com
I'm also on Bluesky.